Gluten Free Bundle
Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Cookies
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Gluten Free Bundle

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In this bundle, you will get our amazing gluten-free ingredient treats:

- Six (6) amazing GF coconut Chocolate chip cookies: Our coconut chocolate chip cookie tastes like and almond joy and is amazing (even to the gluten-full folks ;-) We start by making our own almond butter, and then use coconut oil, flour and sugar for the base. We then add Kirkland dairy-free chocolate chips (not certified DF, but no dairy in the ingredients) to complete our amazing treat. 

- Twelve (12) of our outstanding, chocolatey brownie bites: The brownie bites are made with black beans and tapioca flour, and we add in some dutch cocoa powder, Ghirardeli chocolate chips and some other tasty ingredients. The result is a fudgy, chocolatey treat everyone will love.

NOTE: While we don't have a certified Gluten-free facility, we take the utmost care to craft our GF products to avoid cross contamination. We carefully wash and sanitize our equipment at the end of each day, and the days we make our GF products, we do them first, complete baking and packaging and put them away before make our traditional gluten-full products.