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Yummylicious Cookie Blog - The Journey Begins

Yummylicious Cookie Blog - The Journey Begins

I've been told for a long time, "you need to blog" or "you need to post our conversation about __________ so I can share it with others". So, here we go on our journey of sharing our passions, thoughts and random ideas! Welcome to the Yummylicious Cookie Blog......

I would love to say I have a grand plan/outline for what my posts will contain, but I'm just not that smart of prepared. What I do know is I will touch on the things I and passionate about and the things that align with Yummylicious Cookies vision of making great treats from good ingredients. In our ever changing world of information, I don't think topics will be in short supply. ;-)

We may venture into some disputed territories, so please read this with an open mind and feel free to comment back. My only ask is the discourse remains civil and productive. This is not a place to use ad hominem attacks (i.e. attacking and impugning people's character). If we disagree, we do so in a way that allows mutual respect for a position that is dissimilar from our own. I give you permission to hold me accountable to these standards, but I will also do the same. 

My goal is to have 1 or 2 topics a month with the purpose of providing insight and knowledge about our products, health, food, causes we support, etc., with the intent of sharing, education, and sometimes just giving us something to laugh about. But, I will make this promise: I will not post any cat videos on this site. 

Thanks for taking time to read and joining us on our journey............Jon

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